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Does Xtend-Life Skin Care Work?
Have you heard about Xtend-Life skin care products?

Xtend-life cream is different from anything else on the market. The research and development team was instructed to find the most effective ingredients, regardless of the cost, but that doesn't mean their line of products is the most expensive. They are simply the most effective. Let me tell you why I say that.

Cosmetic companies make the majority of the creams and lotions on the market. Some are targeted at wrinkle removal or anti-aging. Some are described as moisturizers. Many bear warning labels, because they are not to be used on broken or inflamed skin.

The Company's skin care creams can be used to treat a variety of different skin-conditions, because they promote healing. They will help fade scars, blemishes, stretch marks and fine lines. With continued use, they increase firmness, promote the production of new cells and fibers. Gradually, wrinkles begin to fade and your face starts to look smoother than ever.

Only an Xtend-Life cream can do all of these things. The other companies base all of their claims on one or two "active" ingredients and when analyzed, the concentration of those ingredients is very low. Most of the product is made up of synthetic waxes and petrolatum or mineral oil. None of which are good for the skin's health.
The cream contains more active ingredients, by volume, than any of the big-name brands. At least 50% of the total volume is comprised of active ingredients. What are those active ingredients? There are two many to list them all here, but let's take a look at just a few of them.

H EQ10

Many of the signs of aging are caused by free radical damage. It takes antioxidants to prevent and repair free radical damage. H EQ10 is a special formulation composed of 5% coenzyme Q10 and 10% vitamin E. Those are two of the most effective antioxidants that we know of. You will only find H EQ10 in Xtend life skin care lotions.

Wakame Kelp

I have evaluated the ingredients in a number of different anti-aging creams, hundreds of them, really. I have seen seaweed extract listed on quite a few labels. Seaweed or kelp is a highly nutritious vegetable. They use only wakame kelp in Xtend-life cream, because that variety is one of the most nutritious. Laboratory evaluation has shown that wakame inhibits the production of an enzyme that breaks down one of the skin's important proteins, hyaluronic acid.

Most companies try to supplement levels of the protein by including hyaluronic acid in the formulation. Only Xtend life skin care products effectively block the enzyme that breaks it down in the first place.

Functional Keratin

This is an ingredient in every all of the Company's creams (Man and Woman). It is truly the key to younger looking skin. It is a natural protein peptide extracted from sheep's wool that has been shown in clinical studies to increase firmness by as much as 42%, skin-cell production by 160%, while acting as an antioxidant.

I have been sold on the company's health supplements for many years and I've been using Xtend-Life skin care products since they were released. I would recommend them to anyone, regardless of age or current skin condition.

About the author: If you truly want to improve your skin and health, read about Xtend-Life Natural Products and my Xtend-Life Skin Care Review. Once you understand the power of natural skin care ingredients, along with just the right mixture - you will enjoy the feeling of not only looking younger but feeling it too!

Tyler Treskin is a health enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experience and research with others on the internet. Be sure to visit his site for additional information on this important anti aging skin care topic.