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Deep Wrinkle Cream - Shocking Truth About the Cosmetics Industry

More and more people are trying to do something about their aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles cause undue stress to men and women all over the world.. To make it even worse, cosmetics companies dilute their products down to almost nothing to save money. On top of that, false label claims and biased studies make it almost impossible to decide what works and what doesn't. I don't know about you, but if I am going to buy a deep wrinkle cream, I want it to actually reduce my wrinkles, not just say it will.

So how do cosmetics companies cheat the consumerc The first way is the fact that most "popular" over the counter deep wrinkle serums and face wrinkle creams are made of almost 90% water. On top of that, they add harmful bulkers and fillers in order to give it a "thicker" feel, as well as perfumes to make it smell nice. Most of these products are only made up of a shockingly low .01% active ingredients... it's not always that the ingredients don't work, they just don't put enough of them so they can save money!

What's worse is that the industry plays on the fact that most people don't know how the skin absorbs these products. You see, when you rub a water based product on your skin... it simply sits on top of your skin and when it "disappears" that's simply from the water evaporating. See, our skin is covered in a waterproof coating called sebum that prevents water from going through the skin. This means that water cannot carry active ingredients through the skin. The solution is to go with a lipid based deep wrinkle serum.

One of the most concentrated lipid based deep wrinkle serums available is called SD7 deep wrinkle serum. It's actually made up of 100% active ingredients, compared to the .01% - 1% that the majority of facial wrinkle reducers have. All the ingredients in this product have been proven to get rid of wrinkles by independent studies, which says a lot since most cosmetics companies sponsor their so-called "studies" themselves.

Ingredients like trans-retinoic acid, pomegranate extract, tamanu nut, potent antioxidants, and over ten more potent wrinkle reducing agents. The company says that you will see a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after only 30 days, or else they'll refund your purchase. Cosmetic's companies don't offer anything like that because they know that rubbing water on your skin is NOT going to get rid of wrinkles! Do something good for yourself and treat your skin the way it wants to be treated. (Follow link to learn more)

About the author: Are you sick of wasting money on expensive cosmetic products that don't workc Try a lipid based deep wrinkle cream 1000% more concentrated than most skincare products, with 100% active ingredients... if you don't see more youthful looking skin within thirty days, they actually will return your money!